7 Popular Recent Netflix Releases – 2023 Guide

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Throughout its existence, Netflix has been notoriously secretive with its data; even showrunners and directors have had difficulty gauging how well their film has done and if it has reached its intended audience. We can now get a little sneak behind the curtain with the addition of the Netflix Top 10, which gives us a sneaky peak into the analytics behind the streaming platform.

When it comes to the streaming platform, there is something for everyone. All manner of true crime fan favorites can be found, along with adventure, fantasy, comedy and romance. Here are the top seven things to watch on Netflix at the moment.


Fall is a survival thriller written and directed by Scott Mann. The film follows two best friends, Becky and Hunter, as they set out on a spirited climbing expedition. The trip was designed to distract Becky from her grief-stricken state caused by the death of her husband a year earlier.

As you would expect with a thriller of this nature, things started to go horribly wrong when the pair get stranded at the top of a 2000ft high radio tower with little to no hope of getting down. Sit back and enjoy around 100 minutes of heart-in-your-mouth moments – anyone with a fear of heights will be watching their worst nightmare.

Creed II

Those who have recently enjoyed watching Creed III in the cinemas will be thankful to know that the prequel, Creed II, has been added to the Netflix library. This addition means that you can see exactly what had happened before and where Michael B. Jordan left things off.

Creed II also gives film fans a chance to see Sylvester Stallone in what is currently his last-ever performance as the legendary Rocky Balboa. The old boxer is again trying to train the young Creed to come up against the son of his father’s killer. Possibly the weakest of the three Creed films but still a solid edition of the complete Rocky franchise, with Jordan adding a huge amount of quality to his character. The training sequences and fights are also great with their perfectly staged timing.

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Right Now

If you’re a fan of Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, the brand-new, all-access documentary should be right at the top of your things to watch. The film goes right back to the start, with Capaldi returning to his roots before achieving his incredible rise to fame. Capaldi attempts to reconnect with the friends and family of his old life who he left behind to achieve his dreams.

While there are a lot of examples of the humorous personality we have grown to love as fans of Capaldi, this documentary exposes his vulnerable side as he deals with his diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome and opens up about his struggles with mental health. The documentary follows the standard of the usual all-access music format, but don’t let this deter you, as Capaldi’s open and honest presence makes the film something new.

The Strays

The Strays is a new British Netflix original film starring Ashley Madekwe. The film is about a black woman who lives a pretty idyllic upper-class lifestyle with her children and white husband. Everything is great until her troubled past comes back to haunt her, with the potential to bring the life she has built for herself crashing down.

Madekwe delivers a sensational performance as the protagonist while the film continues to keep tension, slowly building up until its ultimate climax. Not everyone will love the ending, and it has to be said that the social commentary doesn’t come through as well as it could. This being said, the film is worth a watch for how strong the performances are and the well-crafted dialogue.

Pan’s Labyrinth

You can re-experience one of Guillermo Del Toro’s most acclaimed films, Pan’s Labyrinth, if you’ve enjoyed his recent projects, such as Cabinet of Curiosities, Pinocchio or The Shape of Water. In this film, Atelia meets strange, magical creatures as she travels through Spain in 1944.

It is an original and truly unique film experience that seamlessly blends gothic with fantastical and serious drama. With a stunning production design and costuming, you’ll remain enrapt until the credits roll. Poetic, while not being inaccessible and bringing the fairytale to an adult audience, it’s a must-see for movie lovers of all ages.

Luther: The Fallen Sun

A feature-length spin-off of the hit TV series stars Idris Elba in the role of DCI John Luther. David Robey (Andy Serkis) is a maniacal cybercriminal and serial killer who taunts the title character periodically and continues to pose a significant threat.

This is a high-octane thriller in the tradition of old-school James Bond, trading the detective procedural genre for an action thriller – featuring plenty of grisly set pieces as Robey’s sheer evil becomes ever more apparent. The lead role is filled with charisma as ever from Idris Elba, while Andy Serkis plays the villain with a real sense of fun and joy.


If your standard view of Bob Odenkirk is in his many comedic roles, or you only know him from Better Call Saul as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, then be prepared to see an entirely new role for the actor. In this John-Wick-styled action epic, you see a family man pushed to his absolute limits, being returned to his once violent persona.

Odenkirk plays this central role perfectly, bringing an authentic and realistic approach to the action thrills and a grounded sense to the character with his humanity. It may not have the same level of electric stunt choreography as the John Wick movies, but viewers endure the visceral brawls feeling every punch.

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